It’s All About You & You & You

I’ll Tumble For Ya!

Anyone remember Culture Club?  That’s what I had on my mind as I was designing this card–tumbling head-over-heels for someone!

2014-01-14 14.19.38

It’s my last entry to CASE Study  and the result of a few sketches I was playing around with on Sunday before life caught up with me and I abandoned a few of the cards in their midst for the duties of work–being self-employed with 20 families can sometimes be a 24/7 job!

I thought I’d hardly make it back to them in time to submit.  I work pretty slowly, and really enjoy the process–I feel rushed nearly every day of my working life, so when creating, it is the last feeling I want to bring into that space!  Having put the time in, it seemed a shame not to see at least one more of them through to a submission.  So this card was a much faster creation than most!  And that is why the pictures needed to be updated!  Thanks, Picasa, my new editing friend until I get a real camera!

As you can see, I am working again from the lovely muse, Donna.  I not only wanted to create a tumbling movement, but also somewhat of an ombre effect with the pinks and reds.  I didn’t quite have time to try out different combinations of my Color Box inks to see what would work best–this is a start, but a lighter pink would work better for the graduated effect.

I am thinking possible shadow stamping over the “You” with a lighter ink might look cool–something to try as I play around with this design!

2014-01-14 14.18.54

I again have used the Simon A2 Curved die for the basic white cardstock and the Bazzill red textured paper, which I love.  The texture is a bit hard to grasp in the photos.

2014-01-14 14.18.38

The sentiments are from PTI’s “Grand Ampersand” and I have added a bit of thick baker’s twine for some added color and texture.  The spine seemed so naked beforehand!  I like how the black of the twine echoes the ampersand and inside sentiment.

2014-01-14 14.20.16

Well, I will leave you with a waltz down musical memory lane –wow!  I was a child of the 70’s & 80’s, the first MTV generation, and I still marvel at the unabashed style, earnestness, and utter lack of irony during the era.  Fabulous in its ridiculousness, that’s what this video is!

Thanks for stopping by; leave some feedback for me if you have time!  And tumble over to CASE Study on your away across the virtual universe!

4 thoughts on “It’s All About You & You & You

  1. Love the card and the fun video (not sure the last time I heard a Culture Club song, much less saw their videos!). I rarely have time to sit and create for too long anymore because of work. I’m lucky if I make a card or two a week (gasp!). It’s been hard to enter any challenges, but I think they are a great place to find inspiration. I will have to check out CASE Study someday soon!

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