Candy Crush

Happy Weekend, All!

It is a gorgeous, cloudless day here on the beach, much like the afternoon when the idea for this card sprung to life!

A few week’s ago, my partner and I were walking along the water and spotted a collection of candy necklaces just hanging from a post.  How odd, and wasteful, (I still love candy necklaces!) that someone would have left five uneaten strands there!  Then my partner said, “You should make a card like that.” I started thinking about how I would execute it, but I only had time to think until today.

Candy necklace.
Candy Necklaces were invented in 1958; click the image for an article on vintage candy favorites that are still around today!


Now before I get to the actual card, I must relay a bit of synchronicity. I played along with Fusion last week, and Kimberly told me that I would really love this week’s challenge.  Sure enough, she was right, as it aligned perfectly with my candy necklace idea!!

So today I was able to finally fuse together that moment on the beach and the inspiration below!  I was also thinking about the colors in Taheerah’s Cure for the Monday Blues challenge photo–for which I have another card slated, but potentially won’t finish in time…additionally, her photo conveys the soft, sweet dreaminess of childhood so it connects perfectly to one of my favorite candies from youth!

So here is this week’s Fusion image:

And Taheerah’s image:

And here is my sweet card:

2014-04-12 14.36.44

Before I saw the photo, I knew I wanted to stay pretty faithful to the powdery soft colors of the original candy necklace, so they just happened to align perfectly with the softness of the pastel rose garland.  I decided not to fill the whole necklace with “candy” and left a bow at the top for interest; it also echoes the bow within the garland.

I pulled the blue tablecloths in the photo into my side panel, a scrap paper from a discount pack.  Initially, I thought I would use the white linen for both the card body and front panel; but decided to go with the turquoise.  It was only when I turned the Bazzill paper over to cut it did I notice that the color of the paper is… Candy Necklace!!  Another fusion!!  I had to read it twice to believe my eyes.  This paper is so delicious in terms of weight and color, I don’t even think you can get the full impact from my photos.  It’s from Bazzill’s “Green with Envy” set of papers.

2014-04-12 14.39.26

2014-04-12 14.40.24


Okay, so how did I execute my little “candies” and their placement?  I immediately thought of Avery Elle’s Simply Tags set when I saw the real necklaces.  The little circle die was a perfect, if not tedious, choice!  I cut 12-15 of each color.  And I only have one of those little circles…

At any rate, once I had finally finished die cutting, I got to thinking about how I would be able to adhere the necklace while giving it dimension and interest, but making sure it stayed on the card and the adhesive would not be seen!!

I used a combination of Mod-Podge and Scotch ultra-thin glue dots.  The glue dots anchored certain parts, while I was able to manipulate other areas easily using the Mod-Podge.

I wanted some of the pieces to move, so I anchored those on either end of the loose ones.  In the photo below you can see the texture of the papers I used, and the standing pieces are moveable.

2014-04-12 15.02.35 (1)

2014-04-12 14.38.11

The back and inside are finished off with yellow washi– I love how the striped back of the front panel peeks through just a little!

2014-04-12 14.37.07

Last but not least, I needed a sentiment.  I had planned to stamp a bold black “sweet” on the front originally, then my eye wandered over to the American Crafts Valentine Phrase Stickers I had bought waaaaay back in February at Target for some valentines that never materialized.  Another moment in this process where stars aligned.  And a card was born!

To be honest, I am crushing pretty hard on this card!  What about you?

You have until the 22nd to play along with the challenge at Fusion, and only hours until Taheerah’s challenge runs out.  But don’t worry– she’ll be back with more on Monday!

Since Simon’s Challenge this week is all about sweets, I am going to send this card right over there as well!  A triple-header!

Simon Wednesday Challenge Blog

Wishing you crafty time full of flow and sweet serendipity this weekend!

I am off to catch what is left of the sun!



35 thoughts on “Candy Crush

  1. I love your card, it brings back memories of my childhood. Can’t even imagine how long it took you to die cut all the “candy”.

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle! I lost track of how long! I get bored with too much repetition, so I seriously had to keep telling myself “okay, only x more of this color… only x more of this color…” until I was done!!!

    1. Thanks, Kimberly! I went a bit more quirky than elegant for the Fusion take. Love your elegant card for the challenge. Can’t wait to meet you in person in a couple weeks!

  2. What a fun little design … love your story & those yummy colors … so glad you joined us at the Fusion Card Challenge.

  3. I loved your little history lesson about the candy necklaces – I learned something fun! 🙂 What a wonderful idea for the inspiration resulting in such a unique take on the challenge – I love that! Thanks so much for playing to find a Cure For The Monday Blues!

    1. Thanks, Taheerah! Talk about Monday Blues– that’s been my story the last two Mondays! Glad to be getting back into the swing of things and catching up with my writing and connecting with you all! xo

  4. Well isn’t this a total WOW card?!? I absolutely LOVE it!! Those colors are absolutely yummy and the weight of the paper is apparent in your photos. So impressed that you die cut each one individually to carry out your vision. So worth it!! And, so happy you created it for the Fusion Challenge : )

    1. WIDA!! Thanks for dropping by and your kind words! Love that your love it! Sorry for delay in response. If you see my most recent post, you will know why I have been MIA! xo

  5. I’m seriously loving this card! It’s everything I love all in one place. I too was addicted to candy jewelry once upon a time. Leaving them abandoned on the beach…that’s just plain WRONG!!! 🙂 Maybe you were meant to find them so you would be inspired. Really creative! I’m smitten here!

    1. I try to find the meaning in everything, Jeanne, so maybe they were there for my inspiration!! Love that you stopped by and thanks so much for your sweet comments!!

  6. intriguing! I can’t believe you punched all those little rings with one die! I would never have the patience for that. I thought at first they were, what are those things called you put over the ring holes in your notebook filler paper in school, to keep the holes from tearing? I can’t remember. I thought they were those.

  7. Shut my mouth! I can’t seem to keep my jaw from dropping! Kate, honestly, this is brilliant!!! Happy Easter/Happy Spring! Hugs, Darnell

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