Learning Curves Ahead

PardonOurDust[1]Faster than I might have expected, I am starting to understand how to navigate this new site and use all of its features.  Mind you, I have no coding experience, and trying to figure out how to develop the site given instructions that read (to me) like an unknown language has not been the most intuitive process.

However, I have now learned how to integrate my portfolio pages into an individual blog post by using shortcode!  Therefore, any pages I create in my portfolio, can now also be viewed as blog posts. Any of you with coding or web development experience are likely rolling eyes and chuckling a bit, but this is one giant step for me!

I will continue experimenting with the platform to decide what will work best with my content.  WordPress has created some pretty neat templates in the last few months, especially catering to business and art-focused sites, so I may investigate what others have to offer.

For now, though, I’ll keep building on this site.  Thanks for your patience as I work through the process

Feedback on your user experience is always welcome, and you know I love your comments about the work, so thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a line or two!


Thank you for your comments; they make my day!

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