Winter Coffee Lovers Hop

close up bean

Oh Christmas bean, oh Christmas bean, how green you are before roasting; Oh Christmas bean, oh Christmas bean, once brewed, you are worth toasting!

Hey, everyone, welcome to the….


It’s that time again to pay homage to the liquid gold that fuels us all year through, and especially at this time of the year!

Each hop more and more coffee loving papercrafters come aboard, and it’s always so much fun to meet new participants, and reunite with others at this quarterly event.  This time around there are 49 sponsors and prizes to be won!  Those super commenters have their work cut out for them, as there are already over 500 entries and two days left!  Amy and Chaitali have created a tsunami of an event, and the number of coffee stamps, dies, and embellishments that have followed in their wake is staggering!

I have required copious cups of coffee this past month, not because it is the holiday season, but because we are raising a new kitten and dealing with everything that goes along with that (kitten-proofing the house, dealing with “Utinni oops” on linens, poopy paws and runny noses, vet visits, cleaning, cleaning, laudromat, cleaning, repeat and repeat and repeat, and managing existing cat dynamics).  Luckily, I teach out of my home studio, so disasters have been apprehended early, and I can easily monitor events.  She is starting to jump higher and higher, and scaled my shower curtain just tonight…the fun is only beginning!  Here’s our little dirty snowball with icicle eyes– a perfect Christmas kitten–Utinni!

utinni 9wkold
But really, I am as sweet as an angel!


leo utinni
Leo is such a good big brother!  He has defied my expectations!

If you are wondering about her name, she is named for a word in the language of the Jawas in Star Wars (anyone heading to theaters tomorrow or this weekend?) but it is merely a coincidence that the movie is coming out just after her adoption.  We actually named her last spring on a trip to Portland before we even knew her.  Full name is Utinni Alberta Noi (the last two being favorite places in PDX) and it’s just so fun to say!

I love Courier Coffee in Portland!


So back on track (kittens have a tendency to derail you every waking moment), and on with my card, that could also function as a tag!

new xmasbean

I have left it open to be either adhered to a card base or just clipped onto some gifted beans.

And talking about beans!!  I Distress-inked some watercolor paper with Pine Needle ink (love that color!!) and set out to cut many, many beans from the Impression Obsession coffee set.  These dies have made an appearance in a variety of my prior coffee hop entries, which you can see here.  If you didn’t know already, coffee beans are actually green before roasting!

I adhered beans to a base, fussy cut, and then used some icicle Stickles to add sparkle, and finally adorned the tree with Memory Box’s Festive Lights die.


close up bean

Using my favorite embossing plate from PTI, I added texture to the background card cut from a Lawn Fawn notecard die.


I instantly fell in love with Basic Grey’s Juniper Berry line this year, rivaled only by Pinkfresh’s holiday papers, so Juniper Berry will be featured in many of my holiday cards.  Here I have used the geometric woodgrain and the hot-pink design.


To add to the scrappy aesthetic, I rummaged around for some fun embellishments such as this acetate Maggie Holmes leaf, Freckled Fawn metal wreath, and sentiment, created with my new, awesome, Stampin’ Up Rotary stamp– the largest rotary stamp ever.  You can order one here from my girl Tonya!!  And check out her beautiful cards while you are at her site!!


I clipped everything to a woodgrain paper base from Ellen Hutson, added a strip of silver/teal washi, and placed a star on the highest bough!

This is also headed over to Virginia’s FINAL challenge–All About Glitter.  Virginia’s View challenges have garnered as much interest from our crafting community as the coffee hops.  Her challenge is one of the best and her own cards are amazing and always inspiring!  We will miss your challenges, but keep following your creative acts!

V_ V_ Challenge _21 Logo

I wish I had my tag completed in time for our crafty gathering and gift exchange.  The talented and lovely Katie Brooks took home my gift below!





THE GIFTS!  So lucky to have a great group of sweet, talented crafters to hang with regularly!
beautiful gifts

What’s on your wish list this holiday?  Any crafting must-haves?  I saw Santa ordering a MISTI for me!   Leave me a comment on your way out and let me know about your Christmas wish, your favorite coffee, or a crazy cat story!  There may be some swag if you do so!

Enjoy the hop and have a very merry____________________ and a happy new year!

Thanks for stopping by!


And this happened while writing this post:



I heard some noise in my studio upstairs, and then movement on the stairs, followed by a thump and a meow.  Atticus brings me the most interesting gifts–I think the messages here are “Pay attention to me, not that stupid kitten” and “You should be crafting”!

Oh Atticus!


21 thoughts on “Winter Coffee Lovers Hop

  1. Kate, I always love it when you post! Your Coffee Bean tree is absolutely GENIUS. I can’t begin to image how long it took to design…love all the details, as always.

    Katie scored on your giftie…love that gorgeous mug!

    Those kitties sure keep you busy…

  2. Oh what a fabulous card! On the FB sneak peak I thought it was chipboard letters spelling out coffee. I love the coffee beands and the color you used! Leo and your new kitty are so sweet! Happy holidays!

  3. Oh now this is the most original tree I have ever seen – custom made for the coffee lover in your life. Looks like lots of work cutting all those beans but definitely a labor of love – and it absolutely shows! So cool! I love this!

  4. So many wonderful projectd and thanks for the story that comes with it. Your kitty is adorable and the bean tree is very creative! Thanks for this wonderful post.

  5. Gorgeous bean tree! Brilliant idea, too. All those little details on and around this sweet little card take my breath away. The tiny little wreath. The acetate leaf. The full-on glittered PINK clothespin. They all work together and have made this quite a memorable card. Kitties…we had Cinnamon (aka Chubby) and Sugar. He was a gentle giant of a cat in the prettiest cinnamon and sugar colors, and she was a tiny fun-loving, people-loving LOUD kitty. We had to find new homes for them after DH’s multiple joint replacement surgeries and I do find myself missing them. So entertaining and fun to have! Got up one morning to find Chubby had jumped up onto the hutch, then into the middle of the Christmas tree. He nestled among the branches near the trunk and hunkered down until we found him. Ornaments all over the floor, and a terribly saggy middle of our tree once we got him out! The squirt guns came out after that, and after one or two real squirts with water, we only had to make the noise and he’d stay away from the tree. So funny! Have fun with your new little one! She’s mighty cute! Merry Christmas

  6. OH. MY. GOSH! That is the most creative and awesome tree EVER! Just WOWZERS! Love all the glitz! Love your kitty stories. I have a Nanday Conure (small parrot) who THINKS he’s a kitty cat … he even tells me so and says meow meow just to emphasize it! Merry Christmas!

  7. I love your bean tree, your card is so stunning and creative. 🙂 I have a sneaky cat named Mica. One day I arrived from a craft store with a bag of goodies, I have put them on the floor and started changing my clothes. After I changed my clothes I started unpacking my bag. I noticed that one package of merino wool is missing. I was so confused, bag was standing straight up, untouched, and Mica was in the other corner of the room. I started looking for my package all over the house and even in the car eventually. I wasn’t able to find it so I even went back to the store to check if I left it at the cashier. the bag wasn’t there either. Two weeks later, when I was cleaning my room I found my package of merino wool. It was under the bed, behind the box, near the wall, and it was torn apart and left with the marks of cat claws and teeth. I still don’t understand how she managed to steal it without knocking down the whole bag. She stole it so sneaky and silently that I didn’t hear anything at all.

  8. Very creative card… love the colors and textures! And fun to read about your kitty adventures! My Coco just last night tried hard to play with and remove one of two ornaments on my tree! Hmmm… think maybe I should stop at two (non-breakable) ornaments this year. The other set I was hoping to hang are vintage glass German made ornaments that were my Mom’s….

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