Some Kind of Wonderful

There’s a feeling and scent of late autumn now as we move well into November–piles of leaves release their earthy odors, branches swing nearly bare, the thermometer has dipped below freezing, and curls of wood smoke trace the air.  A glance at the calendar reminds that Thanksgiving is only two weeks away!

I’ve been having some fun with the Persimmon collection– finding the remains of this Basic Grey release hasn’t been easy, as it’s over a year old.  But I was able to locate the last of the ephemera packs and other goodies online and have been working on a few pieces over the last couple weeks.

The photos are somewhat compromised by temperamental lighting conditions given the dark, rainy days we had last week.

And now for the reveal!  Enjoy!

2014-11-06 12.38.27


2014-11-06 12.36.29


2014-11-09 11.45.22




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